Join the Disaster Aid Canada-Wide Garage Sale - Clear out your old stuff and get a tax receipt!

Disaster Aid Canada has been impacted by the Pandemic. As World Wide Crises have increased, donations to nonprofits have dropped off. Our reserves are being stretched and there is no reduction in the need for Disaster Relief.

We needed to find a way for our supporters to continue to help without adding to their financial strain. Here is our idea:

Continued: Canada-Wide Garage Sale - Clear out your old stuff and get a tax receipt!

You can support Disaster Relief by holding a Garage Sale!

Each one of us has treasures we no longer need or use. Between now and the end of the year, you can hold a Garage Sale, flog something on Craigslist or Kijiji, sell some books, your old lawnmower or fishing gear to a neighbour. After the sale send a portion of your revenue as a donation to our "Canada-Wide Garage Sale" appeal. You will get rid of your old stuff and get a Canadian Tax Receipt from Disaster Aid Canada. We will hold one in our own community and will post photos to our Facebook site.  

Donations will be used to provide support to ongoing projects including our Guatemala Famine and Covid-19 Relief program, Beirut Explosion Relief, rebuilding our relief supplies, and other disaster relief programs as they happen.
So talk to your friends, inspire your Club, set up a swap and shop, tailgate sale, cul de sac sale or just sell that treasure on Used “Your Town Name" and help us continue to provide aid to those in need. When you do please take a photo and post it on facebook and tag @DisasterAidCanada.
PDF Garage Sale Poster for a 100% donation:
PDF Garage Sale Poster for a 50% donation:
You can also download an information sheet about Disaster Aid Canada to have on hand at your sale:
Gerry Beltgens, Executive Director
Disaster Aid Canada