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Monday, February 28, 2011, 17:41

Keypoints noted after a presentation by Hemant Balgobin, Red Cross Disaster Manager, Cayman Islands.

Working with other organisations gives access to more expertise and human capital

Allows for maximization of resources, minimization of costs, and minimization or elimination of duplication of services.

Permits timely and effective response to ever-changing priorities as primary needs are met.

Provides opportunities for reduction of time in the response and rebuilding periods.

Ensures the most vulnerable receive adequate aid quickly, and a faster return to normalcy for the majority of residents.

Assists "nation building" by fostering a spirit of volunteerism and cooperation.

Helps to develop skills.

Hundreds of organisations working independently can add to the chaos. Reconstruction needs to be regulated-standards have to be maintained. Local economies can be destroyed if we flood the market with free goods that locals normally sell.

Whose responsiblity is it to coordinate all these organisations?

Often in disasters it is the UN that holds "cluster meetings" for all the NGO's gathered to help.

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