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Thursday, February 17, 2011, 14:03
Dr. Leigh Readdy, Chief Liaison, Rotarian Military Liaison Group spoke about how Emergency Operations Plans can  fit into the Rotary response hierarchy.

The theme of this year's REDI conference was P.E.A.C.E. which stood for Preparation, Evaluation, Association, Communication, Execution.

Rotary clubs should be thinking about liaising with local Emergency Measures Organisations; does your Rotary district have a disaster preparedness plan?

Our own families are of course the first priority, then clubs should make sure their plan is focussed on their own members. Are they OK? Do they need help? You cannot help the community at large until you have first taken care of your own members.

Most Rotarians are completely unaware of local plans. It is important to stay out of the way of local emergency services. Hundreds of people working independently can add to the chaos.

Of particular concern should be people with disabililtes. What plans are in place for them?

The Rotary network is often able to accomplish things others cannot and should be prepared to make use of that network effectively.

Important to TEST whatever plans are put into place.

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