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Sunday, February 13, 2011, 09:47
Further notes on the REDI V conference

-important to mobilize volunteers; people may have useful skills you are unaware of -canvass the members of your club

-always keep a supply of cash in your emergency kit has a preparedness information kit in pdf format

-keep one old style telephone that plugs into a jack; if water does not cover the jack the phone will still work-not dependent on power

-embassies and consulates are often issued satellite phones in disasters website of Voluntary Organisations Active in Disasters

-Rotarians must have their own preparedness plan; if you are not prepared you are part of the problem, not the solution

-if clubs devise a plan and duty roster burn it to CD rather than a stick-most sticks not waterproof-however "NewEgg" sells one that is.

-enter all contacts in mobile phone ahead of time so they can be contacted en masse; comment was made that during Ivan the people of Cayman learned to do two things- pray and text. Text messages will eventually be delivered no matter what, whereas email not necessarily so.

-all should get a gmail account; this enables significant amounts of free online storage which is always available; highly likely Google will be among first to recover. Google Docs another excellent resource for free and safe storage of information.


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