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Friday, February 11, 2011, 11:34
Opening session of the fifth annual Rotarian Emergency Disaster Initiative

...began with a general discussion among the particpants, some of whom have attended REDI conferences before and some of whom have not.

The importance of communicating information in times of disaster was discussed, and how vitsal it is to make sure that systms such as satellite phones are maintained in working order and their location known and accessible.

The observation was made many times that most Rotarians probsably have no idea what if any emergency plans their districts have in place already.

The first important thing for Rotarians to do is to make sure their own members are OK first of all - how can you help the community at large before you make sure your own members are safe after a catastrophe.

The Rotary network is often able to accomplish things others cannot.

The issue was raised about putting plans in place for people with disabilities, especially those who live alone.

The conference is being help in Grand Cayman and many of the lessons learned during hurricane Ivan will be brought to the table as discussion proceeds.

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