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Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 16:13
DART Dianne shares with us her impressions of seeing the convoy arrive with refugees returning to their ancestral homelands.

We hastily clambered the huge mound of dirt hoping to get an overall perspective of the enormity of the incoming convoy – below us was a kaleidoscope of colour - the beautiful Sudanese women in their traditional robes and the buses - splashed with such vivid and lively colour.   There was an ear piercing rousing cheer and clapping as the convoy came to a halt.  The singing and dancing began and I knew I was witnessing something special.... 

As the crowd dissipated we exited from our precarious place and mingled with the returnees. We stopped at a small gathering of administrators and women.

 She spoke in a flowing expressive manner and I held on to each and every word, “our quest for food and shelter is undoubtedly our most pressing issue” she said. 

I immediately felt a great sense of pride and self worth as I knew that thanks to the generosity of our donors worldwide most, if not all of these families would receive a survival box – their urgent need for shelter was covered by you, our wonderful donors!

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