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Thursday, January 27, 2011, 17:02

Operational Announcement January 2011

 After lengthy consultations, Royston Flude, Chairman and John Eberhard, President of Disaster Relief – Rotarian Action Group (DRRAG) and David Langworthy, Chairman and Don Ohlgren, Executive Director of Disaster Aid International (DAI) are pleased to announce an implementation agreement between the two organizations.

 Since its inception, DRRAG has been the Disaster Relief Action group whose Statement of Purpose, approved by the RI Board, has included expectations of service at all stages of the disaster continuum.

DRRAG has established a network of Rotarian members in many countries who have become Club and District Operations Officers and developed a highly functional communications portal and member service web site.

 DRRAG has been asked by District Governors to act as their agents in the raising of funds for their District Disaster Relief Committees in the face of local disasters. DRRAG has maintained web based “donor” solicitation capability for these special agreements.

 To date, DRRAG has not had the capacity to offer immediate response in the wake of a natural disaster.  With the signing of this important Memorandum of Understanding with DAI, DRRAG will now be able to fulfill its intended mandate by expanding the Rotary International Network for disaster response and respond to the RI Board of Directors leadership in working toward a funding model for the service of the Rotarian Action Group with the Rotary Foundation.

 As the Rotarian Disaster Agency within Rotary, working and co-operating with many Rotary Club based disaster response organizations, the MOU with DAI provides a new and functional relationship that will enhance the efficacy of both organizations. DRRAG will support DAI as its “implementing” organization as defined by the Rotary Foundation.

 DRRAG is encouraged to develop cooperative relationships with kindred organizations and is desirous of doing so with the Rotary Club based and supported DAI.

 A policy proposal of the RI Board creates a funding model and a policy framework to be negotiated by individual RAGS with the Rotary Foundation and “Implementing Organizations” as entities permitted to be the target of fundraising activities pursuant to the draft Board proposal. The proposal permits a Rotarian Action Group to raise money on behalf of three categories of Rotary entities for the purpose of fulfilling its statement of purpose as approved by RI: 

1. Clubs, Districts or Multidistrict Activities

2. The Rotary Foundation

3. Implementing Organization (i.e. DAI)

DRRAG is pleased to recognize  DAI as a Rotary Club based  implementing organization in initial response and related services in times of disaster.


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